Sunday, 18 August 2013


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Toad, Badger, Moley and Ratty came by in their canoes and quite a few ramblers have passed along the riverbank. It had rained fairly heavily all night, but then after we had coffee the sun came out. So, we took the rough farm track up the hill with it’s Scarlet Pimpernel. I love the smell the little Pineapple Weed gives off when it has been walked over. We turned right at the top along the lane  towards Kingsley. Quite a nice village with a Co-op/PO, garage, 2 pubs, church and school, oh and not forgetting the hairdressers and tanning parlour! There must have been a skilled mason working here in the past, because the carving on the tombstones in the churchyard were still quite legible. There was a Friesian cow wandering about in the lane and an enormous Bull looking out over his barn door in the farmyard. This was a really lovely walk of about 3 miles altogether and we were ready for our snack and drink when we returned back down to Oakfield basking in the sun.

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