Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Up to Dutton Locks.

IMG_4006 nr Runcorn Rowing Club IMG_4009 Pickerings Wharf IMG_4012

En-route we passed Runcorn Rowing Club with this dear little derelict cottage standing all forlorn. Next came Pickering’s Wharf, it’s two cottages had windows with tiny little diamond shaped panes of glass. The railway viaduct constructed of huge shaped sandstone blocks stands as a great tribute to the stonemasons and men who built it.

IMG_4021 IMG_4020 IMG_4018

We moored below the locks and went exploring the area round about. The lock-keepers have a cosy little place dated 1874 as the cast iron foundry covers also state. There is a sweet little orchard/picnic area for walkers to enjoy too. Almost half a million gallons of water are used in each lock operation the sign says.

IMG_4019                IMG_4024

Here’s looking back down towards the railway bridge from where we are moored. The wooden Horse Bridge on the right crosses the water coming round  from the weir. There are several lovely country walks all around this well kept area.

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