Tuesday, 27 August 2013


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Twas a beautiful sunny morning when we left our quiet overnight mooring to cruise along to Lymm. Arriving early most of the moorings were still occupied, but we squeezed into the last one on the far end. The pins could only be persuaded to sink in about seven inches so we secured the boat with four. A quick trip into the Sainsbury’s local and I was on my way back when our friends Graham and Betty arrived. They had lots of news all about their imminent move into their new bungalow, so  we settled down to chat over coffee and cookies. They stayed for lunch and we gossiped on until late afternoon. It was lovely to see them and they will be kept busy for quite a while decorating and gardening after they have moved in. Of course living on a boat we have no decorating or gardening to contend with!


nb piston broke said...

You can come and do ours when we move in xxxxxx

Wozie said...

Will you be coming up to collect us then?