Sunday, 1 January 2012


We have been busy since our last posting enjoying time spent in the company of family and friends. We would like to thank everyone for their festive greetings sent by snail-mail, e-mail, text, and phone. Thanks to our blog reader Dave for wishing upon us much rain so that we could cruise freely along without bottoming out! Unfortunately we had a whole weeks worth on Friday and got rather soaked! Apart from a couple of visits to the Boat Inn at Braunston we have spent a quiet time on board doing our own thing.

IMG_0509     IMG_0021 Swan at Wheelock

Some evidence of stowaways was found in the front locker of our cratch where there were two neatly constructed balls. Obviously a mouse, or mice, had found their way on board and chewed up parts of my mop and polishing cloth and made a couple of cosy little nests. I think they may have been attracted by the fat balls that I had out there for the birds food. Anyway after clearing everything out, I think that they have now jumped ship and gone back to their country habitat, hopefully!

It is difficult to find things to write about on the blog especially as we are not cruising so much or taking as many photos either.

So, while we are idling in partial hibernation, cheers to you all for 2012, make the most of your year wherever you are!

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