Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Family time.

We were so excited as we were off to spend time in a ‘house’ with our daughter, her partner and our Grandson. The latest member of their family is a kitten who is aptly named ‘Pickle’.

IMG_0531 Pickle in Igloo      IMG_0521 Pickle

Here he is peeping out of his cosy little Igloo which is also his retreat for a quiet time by himself. He also has this new fluffy bed which hangs on the radiator in the kitchen. Although he is already well trained he is still very lively and playful.

IMG_0520 Christmas Tree   IMG_0535

You may notice that the Christmas tree is bereft of decorations, except for tiny lights, and the ribbon is rather askew as he thought it was great fun to rearrange it. When we played the football game Pickle joined in too, pawing the ball into the goal several times. We exchanged presents and spent our time reading stories, doing puzzles and playing games with everyone. I volunteered to bath my Grandson, not realising that it was his first ever bubble bath. Needless to say he enjoyed it so much that I got extremely wet too. The time passes by so quickly when you are enjoying yourself and you just don’t realise how tired you have  become, until your head hits the pillow at night. Thank you for a wonderful action packed time,’that’s the way to do it’!

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