Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rock and Roll.

IMG_0037 Hillmorton Jan 2012

Oakfield has definitely been rocking about at times in this stormy weather. Today though there is sun and some blue sky and the sheep have been walked over from the field opposite to pastures new. Saturday is usually a relaxing day for us starting with ‘Sounds of the Sixties’, walking, cleaning, reading and catching up on the internet blogs that we follow. joining the hoards of Saturday shoppers is not for us. We have also been frequently flexing the bus passes as it is not much fun cruising in such weather conditions. Hillmorton is a convenient palace to moor as buses run every fifteen minutes from just up the road into Rugby. From there we have accessed buses to Coventry, Braunston and Daventry. Rugby and Daventry have weekly street markets and there is a huge indoor market at Coventry, plus all the usual large superstores to peruse. Many improvements are being made here around the Lady Godiva and Transport Museum areas in readiness for the Olympics.

IMG_0001 BW finishing off  IMG_0026

Although the three locks here are all duplicate ones, one side has been locked off, presumably because of the water shortage. The signpost opposite Granthams Bridge points left to Oxford 62 1/4 and Banbury 33 1/2 and right to Coventry 22 miles, but you’d need binoculars to read the small lettering from your boat as it passes by.

IMG_0036 Badseys austin truck

Badsey’s Bistro looking good in the sunshine.

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Bella said...

How does England manage to have water shortages? Is it a new thing or just that I missed it years ago?