Sunday, 15 January 2012

Trolley Dollies.

You may remember that we posted last year about the problem of Tesco trolleys that end up under Masters Bridge at Rugby.  Well this morning Paul and Bottle went along with a mooring hook on a rope. Between them they pulled the four mangled trolleys out that they could reach. I went along too, as photographer and reporter.


We managed to heap the damaged trolleys onto the least bent one and wobbled them down the long footpath through the car park, where we attracted quite a bit of attention.

IMG_0567        IMG_0568

Then into the foyer of Tesco's where we left them to go in to have ‘discussions’ with the manager. We spoke to a relief manager from another store called Julie who said she would pass on our concerns. I have made several visits to the store to see the manager Richard who seems to be rather illusive. The last time I spoke to the deputy manager Rosie, who was a very nice girl who said Richard was in a meeting and she would tell him about the squashed trolleys in the canal.

Tomorrow Richard is rumoured to be in-store, so I will try and see him then! I am quite determined to get some thing done about this, however long it takes.


Andrew said...

Mr Tesco needs to get his act together on this one. Looks like the real manager is playing the game "He's in a meeting" hide and seek!

nb Chance said...

Hi Wozie and Bottle, if you need more pics and evidence follow our post

At least 4 were taken out the bridge hole that day! Well done for taking the matter to Mr Tesco, we look forward to hearing how it concludes!

Keep up the great blog, sorry we didn't manage to meet with you both last week when we passed you. Doug and James

Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...

Well done all of you! Let us know how you get on.