Wednesday, 4 January 2012


IMG_0041 hillmorton

It’s lovely to see that the snowdrops have appeared already. I do hope this is a sign that Spring is on it’s way, or are we in for some more icy wintry weather, because we haven’t had much of that yet?

IMG_0036 Ladybird aboardDuring the Summer months we had quite a few Ladybirds hitching a lift aboard Oakfield. Today though is dull, dark, very windy and raining horizontal ‘cats and dogs’ at times. We think you could ease off on the rain dance a bit now Dave!

So, it’s lucky that we can take it in turns to host afternoon tea, usually followed by an alcoholic beverage, with our friends on their boats. I don’t know what we find to chatter about , but we always do somehow. The Squirrel is still ticking over gently in the corner making everything cosy and warm.

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