Thursday, 26 January 2012



A Tesco van stopped briefly while the two chaps had a walk round on the grass verge. The sheep thought they had brought their hay delivery and flocked over there baaing loudly. During my walk around I did my towpath tidy collecting about a dozen beer cans en-route.

IMG_0580    IMG_0584   

After depositing the rubbish I walked over the bridge and it seems that the old house is undergoing renovation and the garden has also been tidied up.

  IMG_0588     IMG_0043

Next I strolled around the churchyard of St John the Baptist parts of which date back to the 13 Century. The lovely old red sandstone tower has a peel of six bells that are still in working order. I got chatting to a gardener there who told me his wife was soon to take over as vicar. The graveyard has been stripped of all it’s gravestones and they have been re-sited around the circular perimeter fence. There are several old Yew trees interspersed with Crocuses, Snowdrops and these yellow flowers just emerging from their winter rest.

IMG_0583 Badsey’s Bistro is closed for January and February as the owners are carrying out renovations. We look forward to them re-opening as their food is fabulous.

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