Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Winter Warmers.

Well, we are all geared up for a cold snap if we are going to get one now.

IMG_0561     IMG_0562

The new Covent Garden Souper Greens soup is quite delicious, even though it also has water and potato in it too! I can also recommend their Carrot and Coriander and Winter Vegetable varieties too. They are about £2 a carton, so are a tad expensive, but I always treat myself when they come on offer for half that price. Makes a nice meal on it’s own with a crusty roll if your not up to cooking something.

I already had a pair of these 2.3 tog socks which my daughter gave me last Christmas. They are good and keep my feet warm and toasty. I now have three pairs and have also bought some for for Bottle. They can be found in the street markets, but I recently found some in Tesco's for £6 per pair.

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