Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Friends and Bloggers.

IMG_0555Having spent a few days in the good company of Piston Broke and Tranquility we said our goodbyes and  left our mooring at Hillmorton as we needed to fill with water. Our tank only holds 130 gallons which is fairly small we think. The washing machine was started and I had a quick shower while we filled our tank, which took about an hour. It was probably rather slow because another boat was using the other tap. We had the third lock set for us as a couple with four dogs, they were moving holiday boats down but weren’t ready to enter the lock. They very kindly let us go first and helped us lock down. It was a brilliant day for cruising and we met up with Del and Al  for a long chat, after which they set off too. As you can see the water was mirror smooth today as they slowly glided past us.

IMG_0556 Del AlAwww, lovely!



As we passed by this unusual shaped boat by Clifton Cruisers there was someone at work inside and they gave us a wave.

Hmmm, Shepherds Pie for dinner this evening I think, so bye for now.

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