Sunday, 22 January 2012


IMG_0571 Swift Valley Country Park     IMG_0572 Gosty Hill

While at Rugby I had a pleasant walk up the disused arm of the canal starting near The Bell and Barge Inn opposite the water tap. The area between Masters Bridge and the footbridge is marked in our Nicholson's Guide as a winding hole, but we wouldn’t attempt to turn Oakfield there. The water was crystal clear just after the surface ice on the canal melted revealing many dumped trolleys squashed and embedded into the mud beneath. I crossed the footbridge and meandered along the muddy towpath. There was a slight flow on the water towards the canal and watercress was growing there just out of reach. Turning left before I reached the end I saw the entrance into the Swift Valley Country Park. Someone had used the old tree stump to very good effect by carving a Green Man into it.

Gosty Hill came by and topped up our diesel and coal supplies while I was cooking the Ginger Cakes. Iain began to drool as he could smell them, so we gave him and Alison one for their tea, which apparently only lasted them two days!

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