Monday, 16 January 2012

Tesco's Trolleys.


Well I toddled off down to see Richard the manager at Tesco's Rugby store, but he was on holiday this week, so I spoke to Lee his deputy. After a lengthy discussion with him, he assured me that they would seek  a solution to the problem. He already has two ideas which he will put forward to HQ. He took my e-mail and blog address, so I look forward to hearing from him very soon!


The top picture shows the trolley barrier and the footpath that leads up to the new housing estate and the canal. The other picture is of the Grunt and Groan Team flexing their muscles heaving trolleys out.

Surely it will be worth Tesco’s cutting down on their continual trolley losses, even a small trolley costs £120 to replace. So, how many food items would they have to sell to recoup the £120 I wonder?

Us narrow boaters have our own shopping trolleys for trundling our supplies back up the footpath to our boats. I do know that many of us visit Tesco’s and spend a great deal of money stocking up our larders. So, come on Tesco, please find a solution to trolleys being dumped in the canal here, because WE’RE WORTH IT!


Dave Winter said...

It would be better if those so called barriers were spaced close together so preventing trollies passing through but allowing your own to be turned sideways to pass.
Happy shopping..
Dave (Brassiclint)

Wozie said...

don't think that would be viable Dave as it would block access for the disabled with wheels.

Dave Winter said...

Hmmm...never thought of that.How about a type of cattle grid which would prevent trollie wheels passing over but spaced to allow larger wheels to roll over.

Wozie said...

I think Tesco's can afford the 'pound in the slot' trolleys, or a more efficient trolley barrier don't you? It's going to save them at least £120 for each trolley that is squashed and turned into scrap metal by our boats as we pass under Masters Bridge.