Thursday, 19 January 2012

Frosty window.

IMG_0563     IMG_0013

There had been heavy frosts for days and the canal had frozen over during the nights, but on Wednesday the ice had melted away a little. We had a quick dash down to Tesco with the trolley for a few missing items of food. Then we pulled onto the opposite bank to attend to the loo and rubbish before leaving Rugby for a quieter mooring place. You may have guessed that the noisy building work beside the canal is still going on. As there is some space left they will eventually cover that with flats or houses too. Lynne and I had had a brisk walk into Rugby to meet with Betty for a nice long chat over coffee midweek.

Through the cold spell, with the ground being frozen solid for days, Oakfield is keeping cosy and inside. Bottle started a loaf off in the bread maker to cook en-route. Also, while we travelled along slowly through the floating sheets of ice I did some cleaning and hung the washing up to dry. It’s amazing how the trusty Squirrel dries the washing hanging in the saloon overnight.

The sun is beaming through the portholes and it is now time for morning coffee whilst doing the crossword, so bye for now.

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