Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Friendly parting.


We had the gang round for farewell afternoon drinks/nibbles and Al kindly brought some of her tasty home-made flapjack to share. It is nice to spend time with friends as it brightens up the dull wintry months. Al, Lynne and I had been out food shopping to Sainsbury's superstore and of course perusing the clothes while we were there. Together with Del, Paul and Keith we spent a jolly evening enjoying a variety of lovely meals at the Stag and Pheasant. The puddings were good too, but bad news for the after Christmas slimming we had planned. You see we had been trying out the scales in the shopping precinct at Rugby. For fifty pence you get a weight, height and bmi readout. Why does it seem to sense there is a female standing on it and give out an overweight reading I wonder? I was grateful to Paul though, as he had lost two inches in height and somehow I had gained one of them!

With our water running low and the threat of icy cold weather we had decided to move on along to fill up the tank. We have reset out water gauge, so we hope we will now get a more accurate reading of our water situation.

IMG_0595 Phobox Co

When I went for my walk around Braunston a gang of about eight men were all busy repairing and painting ‘Nuffield’. ‘Lucy’ can be seen behind undergoing refurbishment in the ‘Phobox’ company yard too. Opposite, in the garden of the cottage on the junction stands this dainty little room with a view. Previous occupants could look out of the tiny windows on either side whilst sitting on the thunder-box!


IMG_0593 room with a view 

The canal has been covered in thin ice at times and there have been quite a few sharp frosts overnight. On Monday we planned to bus it down to Banbury to see Graham and Betty before they go further south. We walked up into the village to catch the No 12 into Daventry and it was half an hour late because of a breakdown. The lady driver made up time along the way, but we still arrived to see our connecting bus leaving. As we had an hour to wait for the next one we went for a coffee to warm up. We were back waiting for the 11.15 am bus along with about twenty others and it didn’t turn up at all. When we got on the 12.15pm one the driver apologised saying the previous bus had broken down too. It was no fun standing around shivering for that hour, especially for some of the elderly passengers. Anyway we arrived to a nice sunny afternoon in Banbury and a warm welcome aboard ‘nb Tranquility’ with coffee and sandwiches. It was nice to see them again and thankfully our return journey went quite smoothly!

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