Saturday, 24 December 2011

Greetings everyone.

IMG  0001 December 9. 2010

This was the snow scene at the beginning of December last year when we were all iced in for weeks. This year is much milder and we are all able to cruise freely about without crunching through ice. Yesterday it was windy and raining all day so we stayed on board and I cooked Ginger Cake. Paul and Lynne came for afternoon tea and Paul was a bit bedraggled having got some new fishing tackle and been fishing for a couple of hours. He was quite happy with his catch however, forty-six fish in total, amazing. Eight of us met up in the pub in the afternoon to chat over drinks and a snack with much jollity.

Tomorrow we will all be in hibernation aboard our own boats with good food and some Christmas tipple to help us over the festive season. We shall enjoy chatting to friends and family on the phone as usual too.




Here are a couple of pictures of a spectacular sunrise we took recently within a few minutes of each other. Luckily it didn't live up to the old saying, ‘Red sky in the morning Shepherds warning’.

We would like to send our warmest wishes to our friends and families here and in Australia, fellow bloggers and all of you who follow our ramblings here on our Oakfield blog.

Have a Jolly Christmas and may we all look forward to a Peaceful New Year.

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