Sunday, 4 April 2010

Wildlife Walk


Well it was a wonderful sunny afternoon just right for a long walk around the conservation area known as ‘Stratfield Brake’. On our way down we saw this lovely old rake that the farmer had used to fill a large hole in the hedgerow. The central hub was cast by Nicholson’s of Newark. It still looks to be in good nick but I expect that modern technology has taken over from it. There are patches of beautiful Blue and White Violets all along the canal bank. We crossed over the wooden footbridge No229 and meandered around the wetland and lake that is in the centre. Although it is quite well laid out we didn’t see much wildlife, but there were primroses and cowslips in flower. On the way back we took the short cut all around the houses, admiring all the cats that were roaming about.

IMG_0006This swan has taken up residence in somebody's garden  near the canal, she may be sitting on an egg we think.

IMG_0007This is her partner who is very protective of his female and sees everyone off from his patch. Many boats have passed up and down the canal. We think that some of them have diverted from the Thames which is running high at the moment.

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