Saturday, 17 April 2010

Enslow to Sommerton

We moored between the canal and the River Cherwell at Enslow, in a nice quiet spot. After a snack and a rest I strolled along the towpath and found some nice dry wood, for lighting the fire on those chilly evenings. Later, we ventured up to The Rock of Gibraltar for an evening meal. We shared a pudding of Baklava with Greek yogurt and honey fruity sauce, which was absolutely delicious. This morning we woke up to a frosty start, but the sun soon melted that, so we set off with the sun warming our backs. We spied Maffi on his boat at Heyford Wharf and he came aboard for coffee, cake and a natter, then we were joined by Bones who was sporting the latest fashion in black painted wear! It was lovely to see them one more time before  leaving the area. IMG_0032The sky was so blue with not a cloud in site, a really beautiful day for cruising.

IMG_0050 LambWe saw our first lambs today some were frolicking on the woodpile and some were taking a siesta in the shade of the trees with their mothers.

IMG_0065 Sommerton LockWe passed through Sommerton Deep Lock, then on up to moor just north of the lift Bridge 193 with our old friends on nb Tranquillity and nb Piston Broke. There is a lovely view across the fields from here and we could see and hear Curlews nearby. After a good natter we indulged in a few glasses of wine and ale together. Graham kept us all well entertained as he was upside-down painting the inside of his gas locker, not an easy job for someone with short arms, so Paul joined in to help him out.

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