Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another Beautiful Day

Today being Sunday has been a day of rest for the six of us relaxing, chatting and  looking out across the fields bird watching. This year the towpaths seem to be in very good condition with the grass cut and most of the hedges and overhanging trees cut back. Well done to BW for that, I’m sure it’s not just for the boaters benefit though, is it?IMG_0057Several boats have past by and many walkers and the odd jogger or two. Then we heard the nearby lift bridge banging and noticed two girls aged about 8-9 years old lifting it then running across it to make it come crashing down. Bottle cupped his hands and shouted out to leave the bridge alone, which they did immediately. A man then walked towards us with the girls and a dog saying it was unnecessary to shout at them as we did. We replied that it could be dangerous for them, besides causing damage to the bridge. However he did not see our point of view though! I told him that he had beautiful daughters and that he should take more care of them in the future. There is always one irresponsible twit who spoils things for everyone so it seems. Then blow me down an older man was sitting on the bridge holding it down, but we saw no boat coming. To our horror we saw two girls and two dogs running up the bridge and making it bang down. The dogs were fast and almost dived off the edge of it. It is a shame that some people are not really fit to be in charge of children are they? On a lighter note we also saw a steam passenger train heading northwards towards Banbury, but didn’t catch a photo of it I’m afraid. This afternoon we were treated to our very own acrobatic display when a little bi-plane came and looped the loop and flew upside-down right over our heads. 

IMG_0030 Swans nestingYesterday we saw these swans having their siesta on the bank between the River Cherwell and the canal. Nice substantial nest they have built there too.

At the end of the day.


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