Friday, 9 April 2010

Eventful Times

Well last evening was spent sipping wine and beer in the good company of Lynne + Paul, Betty + Graham sitting on the canal bank in the sun, bootiful. The last time we were all together was when we were all iced in at Braunston over the winter so it was nice to catch up. This morning after Paul + Lynne headed off down South, Graham + Betty called by for coffee. Now we have split up temporarily, but will surely bump into each other again from time to time. Then we headed off up the canal as we had run out of water again. Roundham Lock gate would not open far enough to let our boat enter, so we spent half and hour fishing about removing the bent metalwork and wood that was fouling the gate. Just after we had moored up we saw non other than Dick and Netti on nb Peruvian Skies so had a good natter to them exchanging our experiences. Then Bones and Boots called in for tea and a chat. Needless to say dinner was rather late and we had almost finished eating when Maffi came for tea. Now they are all down the pub and I am enjoying a quiet time putting my feet up, thank goodness. IMG_0018There is one certainty when you live aboard a canal boat that nearly every day turns out to be different. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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