Monday, 19 April 2010

Somerton to Banbury

We bid farewell to Piston broke and Tranquillity early this morning having spent a lovely weekend with them. We were in for another super sunny days cruising with a slight cool breeze. At the BW yard at Adderbury Wharf we saw either lock beams or lift bridge beams being prepared for installation. At Kings Sutton Lock opposite the cottage I noticed that the swallows were flying into the old barn, where they have probably got their nest somewhere safe inside.

IMG_0013 Swallows at Kings Sutton LockIn fact we saw many birds all frantically building up their nests and foraging for food. Although they are so busy they still find time to sing their beautiful songs for us. We passed several boats hurrying on their way southwards, it is nice to glide into a lock when a boat has come out and left the gates open for you.

IMG_0029 Grants LockGrants Lock Cottage is very a very plain building, but the white blossom on the Hawthorn in the garden enhances it. We picked up something which was clonking on the prop so were forced to stop at Morrison's bridge below Banbury to investigate. It turned out to be mostly entangled fisherman's line complete with lead weights attached amongst other clutter, ugh.

IMG_0014 Three treesThe wildflowers along the towpath and the Oxfordshire landscape looks quite spectacular at this time of year doesn’t it? This is one of my favourite views that  we encountered during today's cruise.

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