Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Napton to Braunston

We waved goodbye to nb Piston Broke, although we did notice that Paul didn’t wave with all his fingers, I wonder why? Later nb Tranquility followed them heading north. It was such a beautiful warm sunny day that we were able to sit outside watching the birds of prey gliding about late into the evening.

IMG_0011 This morning I went fishing with the magnet around the bottom lock and was told by a passer by that two men had fished it over the weekend and I may not find anything. Anyway I hauled out a mooring hook and a windlass so it was worth the effort. We left for Braunston under dull grey skies, but at least it was warmish! After mooring up we trundled off to try the ‘Gongoozlers Rest’ which is under new management. The all day breakfasts were just as good as before and it is open every day from 8pm – 3pm which is even better!

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