Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Oxford Shopping

IMG_0001Here’s one advertising feature I missed previously as it is high up above Paynes Silversmith jewellery shop. Having a screen on a digital camera is a big advantage in these situations as you can avoid getting double decker buses blotting out the view. Lynne and I went down every little street and all around the indoor and outdoor markets in search of a pipe for Paul to smoke instead of his roll-ups! Needless to say we couldn’t track one down anywhere. Neither did we find the Gipsy Tarts recommended to us by Betty. I managed to find some nice comfortable jeans, without the low-slung crutch, in Marks and Sparks and we had coffee and a snack in Pret A Manger. Shame, Lynne's search for summer shoes was unfruitful though. On our way back to the bus we encountered this strange lady posing on the pavement.


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