Saturday, 10 April 2010

Nice weekend

Today we said goodbye to Peruvian Skies as they headed off South and we crept up onto their mooring by The Boat Inn. The morning was spent cleaning the boat inside and out as it gets rather muddy at times. Graham + Betty came up and moored  next to us on nb Tranquility and we had coffee together. Lunchtime we went to Annies Trooms for a snack then meandered along beside the river and back around through the woodland. The four of us spent the rest of the afternoon sitting chatting on the towpath soaking up the sun. Betty was doing her knitting and I helped Graham assemble some tyre fenders ready for sale.IMG_0017Here are they are all finished, he makes a good job of them and they are £4 each or two for £7 if you need some. We had afternoon tea, followed by a glass of wine and beer each. It’s amazing the number of people passing by who stop for a chat, and to get their dogs patted. The evening turned a bit nippy so we went aboard for our evening meal, toad-in-the-hole with green vegetables, mmm.

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