Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bright and Breezy

Well the Easter weekend rush of boats all seems to have fizzled out now. It is back to piece and quiet for us, except for the drone of the lawn mowing season starting that is. We have had two or three canoes speeding by us closely followed by the resident swan who doesn’t like them intruding in his space. This morning we joined Lynne and Paul to tootle off down to Sainsbuy’s Superstore in Kidlington to forage for food. On the bus journey back a suntanned chap sitting near Lynne started chatting to her and seemed to think she would benefit from seeing his brown legs and rolled his trousers up for her to oggle at, luvly jubbly! Needless to say this made Paul roll his eyes a bit.

IMG_0007On yesterdays walk we marvelled at the chunky ironwork on the top gate at Roundham Lock. Did it have a special use I wonder? Dukes Cut lock has the same post but with flat ironwork holding it in place. These are the only two we have seen like this. We sat  here for awhile and watched the birds who were all busy building their nests.

IMG_0008A footpath runs from Kidlington over the railway and canal bridge past the lock over this wooden footbridge through the fields via this kissing gate. We like the special lift up gate for dogs to run through on the right. Tomorrow we hit Oxford for a girls day out how nice. The towpath has dried out after all he rain so we won’t be going laden down with heavy muddy boots hopefully.

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