Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spring is in the air

As it was such a gorgeously sunny we thought we would venture into Oxford. Bottle was forced to go into Marks and Sparks to buy himself a pair of badly needed new jeans. They were only £9.50, I think any more than that and he wouldn’t have bothered. He even managed to try them on in the shop. This makes life easier for me as I usually have to buy them, bring them for him to try, then return them if they don’t fit! I couldn’t make him to buy slippers though, he’ll probably wait until the soles are hanging off  them before he does that. Well, one purchase is a great achievement I suppose. The Antique market was in full swing, after a good browse around we weren’t tempted to buy anything here. However I did find a nice wide spatula for my daughter to flip her pancakes and omelettes with in ‘Boswells’, what a great shop that is.

IMG_0001 Oxford Antique marketWe went into Wetherspoons ‘The Four Candles’ for brunch as the prices are so reasonable. For two breakfasts, a pint of Guinness and a pint of orange juice it was just under £10 , excellent value. On arrival back at the boat we shook the cobwebs from the deckchairs and had drinks outside for the first time this year. Then we sawed up the woodpile while it was nice and dry.

IMG_0015 Magdalen StreetThis is Magdalen Street where the buses run from. There must be a hundred bicycles chained to the fence here. The large shop called ‘Borders’ is now in use at last as ‘Labels 4 Less’ selling casual clothes.

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