Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cropredy to Claydon

IMG_0009After sauntering around the village in the bright morning sunshine we cruised off towards Claydon. Some of the locks were in our favour as so many boats are  on the move making the most of this fine warm weather.

IMG_0007 Nine ducklingsThis family of nine ducklings are the first we have seen this year. While we were cruising we heard a metal clonking noise and after investigating found that Bottle had lost his knob off the back of the boat. The vibrations must have worked it free, so now we are left with a knobless tillerpin!

On arrival at Claydon we spotted another Fernwood boat, Moose. We were familiar with it as we had admired it when we looked over it at the Crick Boat show some six years ago. The original owners of the boat sold it after only nine months aboard. The second owners they are very pleased with Moose and acquired it at a good price too. We helped them through the lock, they are going on down to the Kennet and Avon along into Bristol.

IMG_0012 MooseTomorrow we plan to catch up with nb Piston Broke and lay siege to their beer!

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