Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Banbury to Cropredy

Another beautiful day to be cruising with plenty of other boats on the move also. Oakfield had got extremely dusty so I managed to wash down one side while we were in Banbury and have just finished doing the other side here in Cropredy on the 24 hour moorings. I wondered if it was volcanic ash that had drifted over from Iceland as it stuck to the boat quite well. The gardens are beautifully kept around here and I am eyeing up all the rhubarb that is growing in them. I miss pulling fresh rhubarb from our garden and having it stewed along with a good dollop custard. It tickles me to see garden ponds with fountains with plastic water birds alongside the masses of water that is in the canal with real ducks.

IMG_0001 Aynho WharfThere is usually something interesting parked at Aynho Wharf and this is what we saw as we passed by. Gosh, Piston Broke have put a spurt on, I doubt if we will be able to catch them up before we get to Braunston! Perhaps Paul thinks we are after his beer.

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nb piston broke said...

We have moored up for the weekend now. Paul is exhausted after doing 4 hours yesterday so today we did 2. How did you guess about the beer it is under lock and key now just in case you catch us up I have to stop him drinking it all.