Monday, 5 April 2010

Thrupp Thatched Cottages

IMG_0023Today was a bit windy but also nice and dry so we walked up the towpath to Thrupp for refreshments at Annie’s Troom. All the old BW buildings around the yard there have been tastefully transformed into a little oasis. Annie and Tim were quite busy today serving up their wonderful home-made cakes, soup and sandwiches. When we first visited Thrupp BW also owned  the three lovely old thatched cottages nearby which were up for auction and they all sold. Much renovation work has gone on since then. When we saw them today this one had already been re-sold. It will really be nice to see families moving into them after all the years of dereliction.

IMG_0027 5.4.2010 resold The above images are the before and after the renovation works. We like this area very much as there are so many lovely walks all around Thrupp, Shipton, and Hampton Gay.

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