Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cool breezy day.

On our walk yesterday I saw a snake under the railway bridge by the Cherwell and having googled it I now know it was a Grass Snake as it had yellow cheek markings. This morning we joined Bones and Mark at Annie’s Trooms for coffee. We lifted the bridge for  nb Futurest and helped him moor up. He then invited us aboard for a look round and coffee. He has a Lister JP2 which was still running when we went on board and the whole boat was gently throbbing! It is a beautiful boat and the boatman's cabin is spectacular. We have looked around several sixty foot boats now and it is amazing how completely different they all are inside and out. Now that the Squirrel has gone out for the summer we have just finished doing the spring cleaning to remove all the ash dust that it gives out overwinter. It has been a joy to have it going non-stop since November as it keeps the whole boat warm and cosy. I think I’m going to miss it.

IMG_0004This is a great little character called Maggie who has become known locally as ‘the out of focus dog’ as her outline is a bit blurred!  We had a walk down to the Jolly Boatman and just managed to squeeze in for a lovely roast dinner, they only had beef left, fortunately. Tim has just called in for Bottle to join him for a drink down at The Boat Inn, and people ask us if we ever get bored living on a narrow-boat!

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MortimerBones said...

I met Peter of Futerest when he was moored up in Heyford, we had a lovely chat and I loved his boat too!