Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sent to Coventry

Coventry Basin

The Weighbridge

We set off from Hawksbury Junction early this morning for a run up to Coventry.
We decided to do a return day-trip as there weren't any recommended mooring places en-route in our books. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and not at all what the weatherman had predicted. We didn't encounter any other boats during the 2hr 15min trip and we moored up in the basin with two other boats. The old part of the basin has been delightfully restored and the new shops have been built in keeping with the old.
We walked into the city to a humongous Ikea as we needed some bedding, then on to Argos to get a small 1kw kettle and Bottle managed to get the useful drill pump that he was after.
While we were having lunch on the boat we were entertained by children being instructed how to paddle their own canoes. This happens every weekend apparently and they were all enjoying themselves, especially when we left in our "big boat".
The return trip seemed to take a little longer as there was so much rubbish floating in the water. When we got back the Hawksbury, Bottle pulled a bag full of plastics and fishing line from around the propeller.

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