Thursday, 29 October 2009

It Was a Long Way

We set off early this morning, it must of been 9.45 hrs in dry and bright weather.

We moved onto Rugby by bridge 59 and moored 'in the park'. Maps checked, Google maps checked and so we set off on the straight as a die cycle/footpath.
We passed Tesco, will visit on return trip and then there it was 'Footpath Closed' sign, no diversion signs so followed our noses, mine actually as it is bigger and works better for direction finding.

We eventually made it into town past the donkeys and there was a market, now I had checked that there would not be a market, get Wozie into one of those and say goodbye to the rest of the day.
It turned out to be the 'Farmers market' and only happens on the last Thursday of the month.

Pasties were purchased and very good they are to, also some Oatcake yet to be sampled, I have the power, will power that is.

There are some nice things

Some weird things (pub sign)

and the HOW MUCH?

This is available at Asda for the small sum of £50 it is sound activated, it moves its head and it has a recorded voice (American I think).

Retraced our steps to Tesco but on the way saw a Homebase, suffice it say we are now the owners of an electric chainsaw.

On our return to the boat we ate a pasty each and decided to move on  a little way, there are building works right next to the canal and boy was it noisy.

We actually walked further, than we boated today, Wozie is a little tired and checking the inside of her eyelids.

Ah! well another day tomorrow, time to chill and maybe a single malt.

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