Friday, 23 October 2009

Not a lot

Since the last post, we have not done a lot, we returned to Braunston on Monday.

Our daughter and grandson visited on Tuesday, always welcome, our grandson has since started nursery and fitted in without any problem.
He is only going for the odd morning at the moment to get him ready for when his mum returns to work.

Wednesday was a generally non day, we just did some cleaning and walking.

Thursday was a busy day we had a visit from Mike and Gerrie (spelling?) from nb.Tubbs, they came to pick up some cobwebs for their portholes, we met them many years ago at Crick where they kindly showed us their boat and made us a cup of tea. [It is another Fernwood].

We also had a visit from Fernwood and Onboard Energy to ensure that the inverter and onboard generator communicate with each other. All clever stuff and it needs a computer and obviously a program to set it all up.
The number of parameters that can changed to suit ours and the boats needs are numerous.

We also moved on up the Oxford a little way.

Today Friday, we moved off latish and now moored just above Hillmorten locks.

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