Sunday, 4 October 2009

There and Back Again.

Well not quite, we actually returned a little further.
We have been on the seven day moorings at Thrupp for seven days and it was time to move.
Not wishing to go into Oxford, we went as far as Dukes Cut (the short cut to the Thames) and turned there.
It took over seven hours, with a short break, the canal is full of moored boats and is also very shallow. So, even when there are no boats, travel is slow. (Slower than the normal slow speed we travel at). Now at Shipton -on-Cherwell a stones throw from Thrupp.
We did stop at Thrupp on the return for the important part of every boaters life, the cassette and the 'black' tank, we also filled with fresh water.

The little chap above did help at one lock, totally unafraid he came right up to Wozies feet.

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