Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Well it all started when

a boat went past us at about 10.30pm last night.

We were expecting 'Onboard Energy' this morning at about ten but he was delayed by child care arrangements, it being half term.

I finished off the tunnel light and horn (polishing) this morning and got talking to a towpath walker, like you do and he mentioned the coal boat was the other side of the bridge, ah! the boat that passed in the night.

Quick walk up the towpath to arrange for 'coal' and diesel delivery, to cut a long story short, we moved forward to the fuel boat (Gosty Hill) just as the engineer arrived, got him onboard quickly and he started work as we moved off.
We reversed back ( I do like to show off my lack of skill in reversing) to our original mooring after the top up.

All very simple really but somehow it seemed like organised chaos.

The engineer will be visiting again next week, another part is required, I have learnt a lot though.

Meet Bosun, of Gosty Hill

We are now moored just below Hillmorten locks, bow to bow with Piston Broke, had a long discussion with Paul about some very important things whilst Lynne washed their boat.
Probably moving on tomorrow towards Coventry but there again, we shall see.

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