Sunday, 18 October 2009


It started out a fine and bright morning and we decided that it would be a good idea to cut up the log half a tree that has been sat on the roof for the last two weeks or so.

Wozie set about wiping down the boat and I go the tree off the roof, well to say it was hard work was an under statement
When only half way through on the first cut I decided it was tooo much and placed the tree in the hedge for someone else to have.

Wozie decide she could do better, maybe she could but after a while Lynn from Piston Broke passed by and volunteered Paul to cut it up with their chain saw.
Paul duly arrived and we set to, it made the chain saw sweat so what chance did I have.

The ladies had gone shopping by this time.

We finished just as they returned or I think we did.
We were very grateful for the help and thanks to them both.

Lunch time was fast approaching so we decided to stroll to the Lock Stock Bistro by Hillmorten locks and had 'Sunday Lunch'.

An even slower stroll was taken on the return, we did help a Dutch couple that were attempting their first lock though.
The rest of the afternoon was taken at ease aboard Oakfield.

The Bistro

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