Thursday, 5 November 2009

Five Days Later

Well, is it really five days since the last blog?

We moved on to Hillmorten to liaise with our engineer, afraid to say the invertor and generator will still not talk to each other, even after phone calls to Holland, the engineer is now fairly certain that the printed circuit board may be at fault.
He has decided to do some research and will get back to us.

Life has settled down to a 'normal' routine, we again met Piston Broke and Harnser.

It was not until later when we had parted that Harnser and I realised we had conversed before on the Canalworld Forum but we both use a non de plume, hence the confusion.

During a discussion  on the forum, 'coal inserts' were mentioned for a Squirrel stove, they fit in both side of the stove and slope towards the grate, this has the effect of keeping the coal towards the centre of the fire and also reducing the fire size. Which will be good.
Visited Midland chandlers they had them in stock at £25 bit steep for two pieces of cast metal but should do exactly want we want.

The chap on the left had been busy, there were a lot more blue bums than the orange ones of his mate.
It is not illusion he is actually a lot smaller than females.

Spring lamb is on the way.


nurnal said...

Tell me why do you go around examining and counting sheeps bottoms?!

Wozie said...

What, us, interested in sheeps bottoms. I don't think so!
We thought it was rather a novel idea for the farmer to provide his two rams with colour harnesses to see which ewes would be having lambs come springtime.
Love ewe lots,
Baa baa for now,