Tuesday, 6 October 2009

We Managed To Get Away

but only just.

We were up early enough but some how the time flew and it was coffee time, so a visit to Annie's Teashop was made.

Finally got away about mid-day on Monday, a nice easy journey to just past Lower Heyford, where we stayed the night.
Awoken in the early hours by some one emptying bath loads of water over the boat but it was only rain.
Eventually arose at about eight, showered, breakfasted we were moving by ten. All this rushing must learn to slow down a bit.

Have now reached Aynho and had a good meal at The Great Western Arms, refuelled at any combination we required, at the wharf. The owners are very helpful and deserve your custom if down this way.

Over the next week we will be making our way to Braunston, to meet with our boat builder, jut a couple of minor things to correct and for them to bring a bookcase that we ordered, it will match the boat.

To all those at Thrupp.
Thank you for a great week, we will be back. 


Bones said...

it has been GREAT having you here... DO come back...!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

Maffi said...

Sorry I missed your departure.

Wozie said...

It was lovely to see all you friendly people and your pets.
We can understand the attraction of being moored at Thrupp, with it's two pubs, the lovely tea room, numerous circular walks and full narrow-boat facilities.
However we had to drag ourselves away as we were gaining weight far too rapidly I think.
See you next time.