Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Aynho to Twyford Wharf

We took a leisurely move this morning, stopped just north of bridge 186, where a 'new' small holding has been set-up, there are free range eggs and sausages available, lamb will be available next year.
Short term mooring are available too.

After sometime and making a new friend (Billy) we moved onto bridge 177 Twyford Wharf, there are no services here it is a private residence now.

We had a walk into Kings Sutton, three pubs and a church, also small post office/store.

One face of the town that reinforces my reason for moving onto a boat.

Matching gardens how......

Another face

Returned to the boat where Wozie prepared some chicken korma with rice and peas, went down a treat after the walk.
The rain started just as we returned so we are now cosy inside and set to stay until at least tomorrow, may walk in the other direction to Adderbury.

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