Thursday, 1 October 2009

Polishing and Oiling

A beautiful day weather wise, down to T-shirt but not shorts.

Spent the morning polishing brass, the engineer (Foxton Boat Services) arrived about lunch time and set too doing all the 'first' services on the engine, gearbox and the generator engine.

How he contorted his body into some very tight places and got out again, I do not think I will ever know.

Will be seeing Sam again in about 200hrs, engine run time, wonder how many days that is.

They (engine, gearbox and generator) consumed nearly 20 litres of oil between them but the cost was less than servicing my car, well pleased with the service and cost.

Went again to Annie's tea room, well I was tired after watching Sam do all that work, had a cream tea and long conversation with some friends and customers, one of whom is buying his first boat.

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