Thursday, 8 October 2009

Oh! The Routine Of It All

When we arose this morning, there was a slight chill in the air, Wozie had a short lie in.
 Breakfast at leisure and after some tidying up and doing the washing it was time for a stroll route march to Adderbury, it is about 1½ miles the way we went, all on the road.

After a walk round the village we found this establishment in the High street, we had seen two other but favoured this one, well worth the effort to get here very friendly, homely place with good beer, food and regulars.

A row of cottages nearby, there are many like this and also a Tythe Barn (private)

We returned the way we came, just before we crossed over the M40 buried in the hedge was a sign for a foot path to Adderbury, cannot be seen going the other way so, if you moor at bridge 177 and decide to walk to Adderbury look out for the sign it is on the left just at the far end of the bridge over the M40, probably a far better walk than on the road.

We have visitors tomorrow, planning to meet at Banbury.

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