Saturday, 10 October 2009

Banbury and Onwards.

Well our visitors arrived, our daughter and grandson, unfortunatley her partner was working.
It was a wonderful day, he (grandson) is now of an age (7 months) when he has an interest in everything about him, a bit of retail therapy kept him interested for hours.
Sadly it all came to an end to soon as they had to get home.

This morning (Saturday) we got up early as we knew it was going to be a long day, walked to Morrisons and walked back with two rucksacks and two bags of necessities, think we will have to cut back on the necessities.
Thought of going to Sainsburys, for items only they have, but decided not to, instead we did some more shopping in the town, just some small items from Wilkinsons and Robert Dyas .
There is/was a folk festival in Banbury this weekend and a lot of street entertainers were out, morris men and the like all very entertaining.

Late afternoon we had to move, our time was up and we need to be in Braunston by Monday evening.

Now moored in Cropredy for a night and have two long days (for us) ahead.

Graham and Jane, if you read this, sorry we will miss you this time but our plans got changed at the last minute.


nurnal said...

Testing, testing...this blogging malarky is tiring and long winded

Wozie said...

Greetings earthling called 'nurnal', it is wonderful that you has at long last been able to make contact with planet Oakfield.
Glad that you will be able to beam yourselves up here shortly, looking forward to seeing you!
Bye for now,