Saturday, 17 October 2009

Have not updated recently because we have not had a signal but really not much has happened.

We left Banbury on Saturday and stopped at Cropredy overnight to be awoken by church bells on  Sunday, suspect Graham and Jane (Alnwick) were involved.

Sunday we travelled again to near bridge 126 and had a quiet night

Monday we moved onto Napton in beautiful sunshine, stopped for lunch and decided to stay above the last lock for the night.

Napton in the morning mist

Tuesday saw us on the move again to Braunston, another bright sunny day.

 Wednesday Rob and Kris from Fernwood arrived to do some minor work, lots of little items, the worst one for them was the 'black' tank gauge was not working, fault found and now appears to be OK.
[note to non boaters, 'black' tank is the one equivalent to a cess pit ]

Only one man operated (as far as we could see) bet he had some 'fun' in the narrow bits.

 Thursday was wet and dull so decided not move, visited the chandlers, silly move spent 'loadsa money' had a walk round the village, returned to the boat and lit the fire.

Friday travelled to just south of Rugby, near all those radio aerials, good signal hence the post.

Hillmorton Wharf

Wozie wants to visit Sainsburys today, it is only four miles away, the plan is to ride the bikes, maybe glad of the soft seats when we return.


lily40au said...

A wonderful few days for you in 'my' part of the UK although I live in Australia: my mum was born in Rugby and grew up in Braunston and Yelvertoft and I got to visit Braunston for the first time only a few short months ago. Thanks for bringing back such good memories and I love your photos of locks ... I just hope to be able to do it myself next year.

Mike said...

Hi it was great to speak to you, seems like you have the good life on the waterways.
Glad you are both well sorry to read about Sammy.
Will keep in touch