Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sainsbury's Tour.

We have a handy booklet supplied by Sainsbury's listing all their stores and locations.
Having looked at a map on the internet and memorised the route we set off, all went well except they had changed the road layout and traffic being heavy we I missed the right direction so, we ended up in the centre of town but Sainsbury's in on the outskirts.
Visited the 'Sainsbury's Local' but they did not have the particular items Wozie required, they gave us directions to the Super store.
We set off and with the aid of some 'out of towners' we managed to find it, the coffe and toasted teacake, on special offer, went down a treat.
Would you believe it this large store also did not have the item, we did the rest of the shopping remembering that we only had two rucksacks.
Leaving the store I made the decision to return by another route, that memorised map, hit it spot on and the return trip was done in less than half the time.

I want to be a dog in the next life.

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