Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tixall Wide.

IMG_0028 Tixall Lock    IMG_0032

The sun was up early and so were we, ready for moving along. There was quite a few boats on the move too, luckily one was just coming up Tixall Lock as we approached.

IMG_0030Narrow-boat Unicorn is moored by the crane opposite the lock landing.

IMG_0031This little plaque above the lock cottage tells you exactly where we were.

IMG_0035 Ivy    IMG_0033 Tixall Gatehouse   

Arriving at Tixall Wide we slid into one of the last remaining spaces behind a nice little tug-boat called Ivy. Can you see Tixall Gatehouse above Oakfield's roof? If not, here are two larger versions of it.

IMG_0036    IMG_0034

The wide is a very popular spot and there are about twenty boats moored up. Some are drying their washing and some are touching up their scratched paintwork.

We thank nb Triskaideka for their fascinating blog with so many pictures of their first summer trip on the canals. We look forward to following them on their next cruise.

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