Monday, 24 October 2011


As we were in a cutting by Tamworth we moved on to moor in a nice light open spot just short of Alvecote. We are trying not to moor under trees in these winds if we can help it.

IMG_0147 old boat Alvecote    IMG_0146 TIT Paris,New York Peckham

On a very windy Monday morning we decided to stay put, but we had a walk along the towpath towards Alvecote. There was an old boat out of the water at the boatyard which was in a sorry state. This is it’s engine, unfortunately we couldn’t see a makers name on it. (edit: magnifying the photo we have found Enfield, bottle) Trotters Independent Trading van of Paris, New York and Peckham was hiding nearby.

IMG_0153 Kangaroo Australia, Samuel Barlow InnMoored outside the Samuel Barlow Inn we saw two working boats Kangaroo, and Australia which was heavily loaded down with coal.

IMG_0152     IMG_0157 latest fashion

Continuing on along over the canal bridge we arrived ay Alvecote Priory ruins. The remains are kept in good condition and the walls were about three foot thick. There was a fantastic wild pear tree there which was laden down with little fruits. We liked the designer fashion jacket that this horse was wearing.

IMG_0154 Woodlandpath    IMG_0158 Autumn

We found another route back through the mainly deciduous woodland which ran between the railway and the canal. There were signs of spoil heaps from the coal mines that were around there in the past. It was nice to amble back out of the wind in the peacefulness that being among the trees offered. Here is the view through the round window when we arrived back on board for our lunch.

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