Friday, 7 October 2011

Lovely Old Boats.

IMG_0244    IMG_0246

IMG_0245 Verbna

IMG_0247 Grimsby  

These four boats were resting in the sunshine below the Iron Bridge.

Bottle has been very busy since he invested in a can of Silicon. He has sprayed nearly every moving part on the boat. It works especially well on the cratch cover zips and the door furniture.


We went in search of the ‘Caves’ that are marked in our Nicholson's guide. We crossed the iron bridge over the canal and went under stone arched bridge of the railway, up through the wood and turned right across the fields. There was a lovely view across to Shugborough from the ridge-way and the inquisitive grazing calves came over to check us out. There was a great cavernous entrance where sandstone had been quarried out but we didn’t see the entrance to the caves. It was behind a cordoned off bit and a warning that it may be dangerous, H+S again. Anyway we enjoyed our walk and found our way back along along a different little footpath.


2011_10_05_0862  IMG_0015

Someone in the village had a sense of humour. This little place was called Rock Cottage, although on the glass door panel they had changed the R and the C around!

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