Thursday, 13 October 2011

Fradley Junction.

Woodend Lock and Bridge 53 are very well kept and quite picturesque, so couldn’t pass through without photographing it.

IMG_0037 Woodend Lock B53

IMG_0039 Oakfield in Woodend Lock

As there were no spare moorings before the junction we turned right onto the Coventry Canal and luckily found one just around the corner, busy place this. The little footbridge is a joy to work as it can be so easily swung with the lightest of touches. We liked the little wooden Duck House in the garden next to the swing-bridge. After mooring up we wandered round to the old BW yard Cafe to treat ourselves to a snack, yum.

IMG_0042 approaching Fradley Jnct    IMG_0045 Lucky Duck House

Fradley seems to be surrounded with beautiful Oak Woodland all along the canal-sides. I awoke to watch the Squirrels, out of the bedroom porthole, chasing each other all around the branches, up and down tree trunks. Bottle was dong the engine oil change today while I was cleaning and washing the floors over etc. Then we saw some familiar faces passing by on a nice shiny boat. We went along to see Steve and Denise who had pulled in to take on water.

IMG_0062After chatting about all things ‘boaty’ and putting their hose away we were invited aboard for a look around. What a fantastic boat they have, so well thought out with such a light and airy feel to it. Although we may share similar solid woodwork design features, both of our boats have quite a different look. 

IMG_0068As it was quite busy around the junction I went down to help them with the  lock and while we were waiting I happened to snap this old Bugatti coming past The Swan Inn, luvly jubbly. Wouldn’t mind a spin round the country lanes in that!

IMG_0069Riverside Escape had to await it’s turn by the side of the pub for a while before passing through to moor up opposite the Cafe. We were invited to join them there for a snack which was very nice. There two little dogs are so friendly and well behaved, but haven’t quite got fully used to their life on board yet?

IMG_0070 Riverside Escape dogs    IMG_0071 Hide by lake

Here they are sharing their bed in the cratch wondering what is going on in the lock. After we said out goodbyes, Bottle returned to finish his oil change and I wandered around the woods and lake. This beautiful little thatched hide overlooks the lake, it’s so cosy  inside I think I could easily move in! What an unexpectedly eventful and enjoyable day that was!

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