Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Around Great Haywood.

Bridge 73 spans the canal below Haywood Lock.


Walking over the canal bridge we passed the Lock-side Cafe and this was the view from under the railway bridge.

2011_10_04_0858 -1 mews


Apparently Essex Mews Cottages were built to re-home the people who were turned off the Shugborough Estate many years ago. The houses are a mirror image, seems a shame that some thought white paint was better than brick

There is a Post Office, two Grocers and a Chemist in the village and a Farm Shop, which opened in a new building in August, is just the other side of the canal junction, the same entrance as the new marina.

IMG_0224 Bridle Way beyond Railway Canal bridgesLooking back through the main arch along the Bridleway over the Canal Bridge. The Virgin Trains pass overhead slowly, so are fairly quiet thank goodness.

IMG_0241 Gt Haywood Catholic Church TowerWe liked the carved stone figureheads on the turret of the catholic Church.



After visiting the new Farm Shop for some delicious Focaccia Bread, Cheese Scones and Cotswold Meringues we sat for a while on Haywood Junction Bridge watching the people and boats passing. The wind has increased now so the boat is again covered in leaves and bits. I think I will delay cleaning it until the wind drops because it is a mammoth task probably equivalent to cleaning ten cars.

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