Monday, 31 October 2011


There had been heavy rain all evening and through the night, but we left Polesworth at 9.30am in bright sunshine. Cruising along was very slow going as the canal was so shallow. Water was in short supply when we reached Atherstone Locks too. They have been closing them from 4pm until 8.30am and workmen have been clearing out the sludge and rubbish that was blocking one of the side ponds and culverts. Boats were grounding in some of the pounds. We spoke to a worker and he told us that a cottage and pub below lock five had flooded three times last year and had claimed compensation from BW. I wonder if this is because they have dispensed with the services of the lengths man/lockkeeper here who would have known how to keep the water levels under control. I wonder which is cheaper, a resident lenghtsman, or paying out compensation for flood damage?

IMG_0180 Grendon DockThis is Grendon Dock (Narrowcraft) and next to it are these two cottages. What a shame that the one on the right is looking so forlorn.


IMG_0182Rothen’s coal carrying business have vacated the lovely little wharf overlooking the top lock basin. We were knackered by the time we reached there. As some boats had grounded in the pounds we had to queue and slowed to snails pace! So after six hours and doing eleven locks we had travelled five and a half miles finally mooring up in a quiet spot near Mancetter. Rain set in just after we arrived and continued all day on Thursday, so I made some tasty cheese scones and took it easy for the rest of the day.

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Freespirit said...

Just want to say hello. We passed you top side of Atherton locks ( well a mile or to past!)I recognised your boat name from looking at No Problems boaters blog. Shame we were going in opposite directions. NB Go For It was just in front also fellow bloggers. Hopefully I will get to say hi to you properly one day. Happy cruising.
Irene and Ian NB Free Spirit.